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Association of Molecular Plant Science Students (AMPSS)

The mission and goal of Association of Molecular Plant Science Students (AMPSS) is to unite members of the Molecular Plant Sciences program through a structured, established system in order to facilitate a more enjoyable graduate school experience.

Joining AMPSS

Any graduate student pursuing a career within the field of molecular plant sciences may be a member. A person may become a member through either joining the Molecular Plant Science program or through a strong desire to join that is not countered by a standing member’s objection.

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AMPSS students come from a wide range of interdisciplinary programs and departments that are part of the Molecular Plant Sciences program. AMPSS meets monthly (free lunch) between August and May. Activities include sharing research updates and social and volunteer activities.

AMPSS also plans to conduct yearly trips to Washington D.C. to meet with staff at federal agencies and to advocate for science funding.

AMPSS also helps organize the yearly Fascination of Plants Day @ MSU, an event co-sponsored by the MSU Broad Art Lab and the East Lansing Art Festival. The event invites the general public to explore the amazing world of plants, enjoy family-friendly activities, and meet researchers and artists from Michigan State University.

AMPSS Officers & Contact Info

Jenny Schuster - schust97@msu.edu

Vice President
Nick Moreno - morenon3@msu.edu

Lucas Reist - reistluc@msu.edu

Anne Steensma - steens11@msu.edu

Faculty Advisor
Jianping Hu - huji@msu.edu