Gregory, Luke

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Lab: Berkley Walker
Research interests: Plant physiology, biophysics, and computational biology.

Quick Profile

What got you interested in plants and plant science?
During my undergraduate career, I took a lower-level botany course and found myself interested in all the complexities of plant life. It was soon after that I began to garden, conduct research and participate in community projects all associated with plants in some way. Moreover, plants do not complain so they are very easy to work with.

What is your research about?
I am currently doing rotations and getting a broad outlook on plant physiology, biophysics, and computational biology.

What is the potential societal impact of your research?
I believe that the future market will not be able to produce crops at their current level because of a decrease in plant efficiency due to a multitude of factors, a main one being climate change. We can change the world through good science and engineering, and I would like to be on the forefront of this change.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Within 10 years, I am determined to have achieved both a Ph.D. degree and a post-doctoral position(s); in which I will be trained as a molecular plant physiologist. I hope to find myself employed at a small college / research lab improving the mechanisms of photosynthetic organisms as well as acting as a preceptor for students.

On a Saturday afternoon, you'll likely find me:
Enjoying the outdoors.