Chen, Huan
Cell & Molecular Biologyhome icon
chenhua9@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Brad Day
Research interests: Biology of host-pathogen interactions.
Chiu, Christina
Crop & Soil Scienceshome icon
chiuchri@msu.eduenvelope icon
LabHideki Takahashi
Research interests: The effects of coumarins on rhizosphere composition and the mechanisms underlying their role in root uptake of iron in Arabidopsis and dry beans.
Cook, Ron
Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
cookron@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Christoph Benning
Research interests: Plastid lipid metabolism and fatty acid transport.
Engelgau, Philip
Horticulturehome icon
engelga2@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Randolph Beaudry
Research interests: Genomic and molecular factors which are responsible for desirable sensory traits in fruit such as taste, color and aroma.
Gomez, Lina
Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
gomezca5@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Erich Grotewold
Research interests: New genes involved in biosynthesis and regulation of phenolic compounds in maize and Arabidopsis.
Gregory, Luke
Plant Biologyhome icon
grego215@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Berkley Walker
Research interests: Plant physiology, biophysics, and computational biology.
Hird, Krystina
Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
hirdkrys@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Doing rotations
Research interests: Bioenergy and biofuel industrial applications.
Jennings, Emily
Plant Biologyhome icon
jenni222@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Katherine Osteryoung
Research interests: Understanding how chloroplast morphology is regulated in plants.
Jiang, Xiaotong
Plant Biologyhome icon
jiangx48@msu.eduenvelope icon
LabJianping Hu
Research interests: The molecular mechanisms that plants use to resist environmental stresses.
Johnson, Leah
Cell & Molecular Biologyhome icon
john6411@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Gregg Howe
Research interests: Understanding how plant defense responses and metabolism are shifted after stress, through studying the jasmonate signaling pathway.
Kelly, Nathan
Horticulturehome icon
kellyna5@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Erik Runkle
Research interests: How light, specifically the color of light, alters plant growth and secondary metabolism.
Koenig, Amanda
Genetics & Genome Scienceshome icon
koenigam@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Susanne Hoffmann-Benning
Research interests: Systemic lipid signaling and plant development in response to abiotic stress.
Lanier, Emily
Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
lanierem@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Bjoern Hamberger
Research interests: Using synthetic biology to harness production of plant metabolites as high value chemicals for industry and medicine.
Li, Pai
Plant Biologyhome icon
lipai@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Brad Day
Research interests: Plant immunity and the cytoskeleton.
Lotreck, Serena
Horticulturehome icon
lotrecks@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Shin-Han Shiu & Daniel Ducat
Research interests: Applying machine learning to problems in plant biology, as well as algal biofuels.
Parks, Hannah
Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
parksha2@msu.eduenvelope icon
LabCornelius Barry
Research interests: Plant biochemistry; Plant evolution and metabolism.
Ritter, Eleanore
Plant Biologyhome icon
rittere5@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Chad Niederhuth
Research interests: Epigenomics and genomics
Roggenkamp, Emily
Genetics & Genome Sciences home icon
roggenk4@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Martin Chilvers
Research interests: Pathogen infection and resistance mechanisms.
Schlecht, Nicholas
BioMolecular Science Gatewayhome icon
schlech3@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Daniel Ducat
Research interests: Doing rotations to determine interests.
Smith, Kaila
Plant Biologyhome icon
smit3147@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Robert VanBuren
Research interests: Plant responses to abiotic stress.
Susanto, Febri
Cell & Molecular Biologyhome icon
susantof@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Doing rotations
Research interests: Doing rotations to determine interests.
Young, Danielle
Plant Biologyhome icon
youngd34@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Yair Shachar-Hill
Research interests: Isotopic labeling and physiological measurements to trace the fluxes of lipids in a model microalga under various growth conditions.