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Cornelius Barry Cornelius Barry
Horticulturehome icon
(517) 884-6959phone icon
barrycs@msu.eduenvelope icon
3255 MPSmap marker icon

Biochemical evolution of specialized metabolism within the solanaceae family; genetic determinants of fruit quality and ripening.

Randolph Beaudry Randolph Beaudry
Horticulturehome icon
(517) 353-0303phone icon
beaudry@msu.eduenvelope icon
A22 Plant and Soil Sciencesmap marker icon

Postharvest biology and technology; controlled atmosphere storage of pome fruit, modified atmosphere packaging; sugarbeet storage, ripening biology and aroma volatile biochemistry.

Christoph Benning Christoph Benning
Plant Research Laboratory; Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 355-1609phone icon
benning@msu.eduenvelope icon
110 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Biosynthesis of lipids in photosynthetic membranes, lipid trafficking phenomena involving chloroplasts, engineering of crops and algae for biodiesel production.

Gregory Bonito Gregory Bonito
Plant, Soil and Microbial Scienceshome icon
(517) 884-6958phone icon
bonito@msu.eduenvelope icon
3270 MPSmap marker icon

Mycology, plant-fungal interactions, truffle ecology, evolution of bacterial endosymbiosis in fungi.

Federica Brandizzi Federica Brandizzi
Plant Research Laboratory; Plant Biologyhome icon
(517) 353-7872phone icon
fb@msu.eduenvelope icon
122 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Biology of secretion in plant cells, endomembranes and live cell imaging.

Martin Chilvers Martin Chilvers
Plant, Soil and Microbial Scienceshome icon
(517) 353-9967phone icon
chilvers@msu.eduenvelope icon
104 CIPSmap marker icon

Plant diseases caused by fungi and oomycetes; epidemiology and genetics of host-pathogen interactions; diseases of field crops.

Yuehua Cui Yuehua Cui
Statistics and Probabilityhome icon
(517) 432-7098phone icon
cui@stt.msu.eduenvelope icon
C432 Wells Hallmap marker icon

Statistical genetics, Bioinformatics, Longitudinal data analysis.

Dean DellaPenna Dean DellaPenna
Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 432-9284phone icon
dellapen@msu.eduenvelope icon
2235 MPSmap marker icon

Biochemical genomics, quantitative genetics and genome wide association mapping of dietary micronutrients in plants. Genomics of medicinal plant metabolism. Synthesis and function of lipid soluble antioxidants in plants.

Shi-You Ding Shi-You Ding
Plant Biologyhome icon
(517) 432-4880phone icon
sding@msu.eduenvelope icon
S320 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Plant cell wall biology and applications, real-time label-free imaging using microspectroscopy, single cell omics.

Daniel Ducat Daniel Ducat
Plant Research Laboratory; Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 432-5118phone icon
ducatdan@msu.eduenvelope icon
206 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Synthetic biology in cyanobacteria; photosynthetic metabolism and production of 'green' fuels and commodity products; mixed cyanobacteria-heterotroph microbial consortia.

Patrick Edger Patrick Edger
Department of Horticulturehome icon
(765) 749-1496phone icon
edgerpat@msu.eduenvelope icon
Molecular Plant Sciences 2225map marker icon

Plant genome evolution; polyploidy; gene content variation; plant-insect interactions; abiotic stress.

Eva Farre Eva Farre
Plant Biologyhome icon
(517) 353-5215phone icon
farre@msu.eduenvelope icon
3260 MPSmap marker icon

Molecular mechanisms of the plant circadian clock; role of circadian rhythms in plant physiology.

Michael Garavito Michael Garavito
Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 355-9724phone icon
garavito@msu.eduenvelope icon
513A Biochemistrymap marker icon

Structure and function of membrane proteins; biosynthesis of glycolipids and glycosyltransferase function; protein crystallography.

Kadeem J. Gilbert Kadeem J. Gilbert
Plant Biology; Kellogg Biological Station; Plant Resilience Instituteicon
(269) 671-2223 (office #)phone icon
gilbe334@msu.eduenvelope icon
W.K. Kellogg Biological Station Academic Rm. 228map marker icon

Plant-animal/microbe interactions, symbiosis, physiological regulation of leaf microenvironments, carnivorous plants.

Erich Grotewold Erich Grotewold
Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 353-1425phone icon
grotewol@msu.eduenvelope icon
201A Biochemistrymap marker icon

Combinatorial control of flavonoid biosynthesis by R2R3-MYB and bHLH factors; Elucidation of the gene regulatory grids in maize and other grasses; Control of Arabidopsis cell cycle by unusual R2R3-MYB factors; Biosynthesis, trafficking, and sequestration of anthocyanins; Biosynthesis, health-promoting activities and metabolic engineering of flavones.

Rebecca Grumet Rebecca Grumet
Horticulturehome icon
(517) 353-0431phone icon
grumet@msu.eduenvelope icon
A342 Plant and Soil Sciencesmap marker icon

Floral and fruit development in Cucumis; disease resistance; cucurbit genomics; biotechnology biosafety.

Bjoern Hamberger Bjoern Hamberger
Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 884-6964phone icon
hamberge@msu.eduenvelope icon
3230 MPSmap marker icon

Discovery of plant pathways for bioactive diterpenoids in medicinal plant species.

Kyung-Hwan Han Kyung-Hwan Han
Horticulturehome icon
(517) 353-4751phone icon
hanky@msu.eduenvelope icon
A332 Plant and Soil Sciencesmap marker icon

Molecular biology of secondary growth; secondary wall biosynthesis; feedstock development for bioenergy and biomaterials; drought tolerance.

Miranda Haus Miranda Haus
Department of Horticulturehome icon
(517) 353-0337phone icon
hausmira@msu.eduenvelope icon
A218 PSSBmap marker icon

Root architecture and development; abiotic and biotic stress.

Eric Hegg Eric Hegg
Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 353-7120phone icon
erichegg@msu.eduenvelope icon
510A Biochemistrymap marker icon

Metalloenzymology; biosynthesis, transport, and regulation of heme and other metal cofactors; mechanism of microbial H2 and N2O production; bioenergy; conversion of biomass to transportation fuels.

Susanne Hoffmann-Benning Susanne Hoffmann-Benning
Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 355-9644phone icon
hoffma16@msu.eduenvelope icon
223A Biochemistrymap marker icon

Plant biochemistry; phloem-mediated mechanisms of plant growth and development; identification of factors which regulate plant growth through changes in cell wall and cuticle biosynthesis.

Courtney Hollender Courtney Hollender
Horticulturehome icon
(517) 353-0446phone icon
chollend@msu.eduenvelope icon
A342-C Plant and Soil Sciencesmap marker icon

Molecular genetics of fruit tree development & physiology; plant architecture; flower development & bud dormancy.

Gregg Howe Gregg Howe
Plant Research Laboratory; Plant Resilience Institute; Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 355-5159phone icon
howeg@msu.eduenvelope icon
4200 MPSmap marker icon

Molecular basis of plant-insect interactions; regulation of plant growth and defense.

Polly Hsu Polly Hsu
Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 353-5284phone icon
pollyhsu@msu.eduenvelope icon
410B Biochemistrymap marker icon

Using experimental and computational approaches to study genome-wide mRNA translation and identify novel peptides; plant responses under diurnal cycles and environmental stress; circadian rhythms.

Jianping Hu Jianping Hu
Plant Research Laboratory; Plant Biologyhome icon
(517) 432-4620phone icon
huji@msu.eduenvelope icon
306 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Molecular mechanisms of peroxisomal function and regulation in plants.

Jiming Jiang Jiming Jiang
Plant Biologyhome icon
(517) 353-9400phone icon
jiangjm@msu.eduenvelope icon
342 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Plant gene expression and regulation induced by environmental stresses, including heat, cold, and drought; Epigenetic mechanisms associated with plant centromere function; Genetics, genomics, and epigenomics of potato and other crop species.

Ning Jiang Ning Jiang
Horticulturehome icon
(517) 353-0381phone icon
jiangn@msu.eduenvelope icon
A330 Plant and Soil Sciencesmap marker icon

Function of transposable elements; mechanisms of genome diversification; computational and molecular biology.

Daniel Jones Daniel Jones
Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 432-7126phone icon
jonesar4@msu.eduenvelope icon
215A Biochemistrymap marker icon

Biological mass spectrometry and metabolomics of plant stress; plant defense and signaling chemistry involved in plant-insect and plant-pathogen interactions.

Cheryl Kerfeld Cheryl Kerfeld
Plant Research Laboratory; Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 432-4371phone icon
kerfeldc@msu.eduenvelope icon
222 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Structural and functional characterization of bacterial microcompartments and of proteins involved in photoprotection in photosynthetic organisms.

David Kramer David Kramer
Plant Research Laboratory; Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 432-0072phone icon
kramerd8@msu.eduenvelope icon
S220 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Energetics and control of photosynthesis; electron and proton transfer reactions; reactive oxygen generation; understanding the molecular and physiological processes involved in conversion of light energy by plants into forms usable for life; understanding how plants evolved to support life in extreme environments.

Robert Last Robert Last Plant Biologyhome icon
(517) 432-3278phone icon
lastr@msu.eduenvelope icon
301 Biochemistrymap marker icon

Plant genetics, metabolic regulation, amino acid and vitamin biosynthesis, secondary metabolism, functional genomics.

Sarah Lebeis Sarah Lebeis
Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences; Microbiology and Molecular Geneticshome icon
(517) 353-0165 (office #)phone icon
lebeissa@msu.eduenvelope icon
A494D PSSBmap marker icon

Definition of molecular mechanisms that influence plant microbiome assembly and subsequent function to improve plant performance during stress.

David Lowry David Lowry
Plant Resilience Institute; Plant Biologyhome icon
(517) 432-4882phone icon
dlowry@msu.eduenvelope icon
166 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Plant Speciation; population and quantitative genetics; landscape evoluationary genomics.

Peter K. Lundquist Peter K. Lundquist
Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 353-0441phone icon
pklundqu@msu.eduenvelope icon
A494E Plant and Soil Sciencesmap marker icon

Basic and translational research of dynamic lipid-protein particles of plastids, called Plastoglobules, for enhanced stress tolerance and metabolic engineering; plastid biochemistry; proteomics.

Carolyn Malmstrom Carolyn Malmstrom
Plant Biologyhome icon
(517) 355-4690phone icon
malmstr1@msu.eduenvelope icon
162 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Plant and landscape ecology; plant virus ecology; disturbance ecology; remote sensing; global change; sustainability; restoration.

Timothy Miles Timothy Miles
Plant, Soil and Microbial Scienceshome icon
(517) 355-3964phone icon
milesti2@msu.eduenvelope icon
105 CIPSmap marker icon

Small fruit and hop pathology, post-harvest diseases of specialty crops, fungicide resistance, and molecular pathogen detection.

Rachel Naegele Rachel Naegele
Plant, Soil and Microbial Scienceshome icon
naegeler@msu.eduenvelope icon
360 Plant and Soil Sciencesmap marker icon

Sugarbeet genetics and genomics; disease resistance; nutrient use; population structure and diversity.

Chad Niederhuth Chad Niederhuth
Plant Biologyhome icon
(517) 432-5289phone icon
niederhu@msu.eduenvelope icon
239 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Function and evolution of plant genomes and epigenomes using both experimental and computational approaches.

Katherine Osteryoung Katherine Osteryoung
Plant Biologyhome icon
(517) 355-4685phone icon
osteryou@msu.eduenvelope icon
339 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Structural organization and dynamics of the chloroplast division machinery; molecular mechanisms controlling chloroplast division and expansion in plant cells.

Eric Patterson Eric Patterson
Plant, Soil and Microbial Scienceshome icon
(517) 353-0467phone icon
patte543@msu.eduenvelope icon
480A Plant and Soil Sciencesmap marker icon

Molecular mechanisms of stress tolerance and other weedy traits in crop-pest species, with an especial focus on herbicide resistance evolution.

Hatem Rouached Hatem Rouached
The Plant Resilience Institute; Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Scienceshome icon
517-353-0157phone icon
rouached@msu.eduenvelope icon
PRI suite - A494-Hmap marker icon

Plant mineral nutrition; ion sensing, signaling, and transport; Response to multiple nutrient stresses; system genetics.

Monique Sakalidis Monique Sakalidis
Plant, Soil and Microbial Scienceshome icon
(517) 432-0825phone icon
sakalidi@msu.eduenvelope icon
34 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Tree diseases (detection, identification, pathogenicity and population analysis) and improving tree health (phytobiome approach).

Yair Shachar-Hill Yair Shachar-Hill
Plant Biologyhome icon
(517) 432-0719phone icon
yairhill@msu.eduenvelope icon
S350 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

The arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis, non-photosynthetic one-carbon metabolism, metabolic engineering, plant NMR spectroscopy.

Thomas Sharkey Thomas Sharkey
Plant Research Laboratory; Plant Resilience Institute; Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 353-3257phone icon
tsharkey@msu.eduenvelope icon
210 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Biochemistry and biophysics of processes important in gas exchange between plants and the atmosphere.

Shin-Han Shiu Shin-Han Shiu
Plant Biologyhome icon
(517) 353-7196phone icon
shius@msu.eduenvelope icon
2265 MPSmap marker icon

Genome evolution, stress biology, bioinformatics, systems and predictive biology.

George Sundin George Sundin
Plant, Soil and Microbial Scienceshome icon
(517) 355-4573phone icon
sundin@msu.eduenvelope icon
103 CIPSmap marker icon

Plant bacteriology; host pathogen interactions; fruit tree disease management; bacterial plasmid biology; microbial evolution.

Hideki Takahashi Hideki Takahashi
Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 355-1897phone icon
htakaha@msu.eduenvelope icon
3280 MPSmap marker icon

Molecular mechanisms of nitrogen and sulfur utilization in plants; nutrient sensing, transport and metabolism.

Michael Thomashow Michael Thomashow
Plant Resilience Institute; Plant Research Laboratory; Plant, Soil and Microbial Scienceshome icon
(517) 355-2299phone icon
thomash6@msu.eduenvelope icon
306 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Molecular genetics of plant freezing and drought tolerance; regulation of gene expression in response to environmental stress.

Frances Trail Frances Trail
Plant Biology; Plant, Soil and Microbial Scienceshome icon
(517) 432-2939phone icon
trail@msu.eduenvelope icon
342 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Development in filamentous fungi and host-pathogen interactions using genetics, genomics and physiological approaches.

Robert VanBuren Robert VanBuren
Horticulturehome icon
(517) 353-0355phone icon
vanbur31@msu.eduenvelope icon
A328 Plant and Soil Sciencesmap marker icon

Comparative genomics; molecular genetics of desiccation tolerance; engineering CAM photosynthesis; crop domestication.

Steven van Nocker Steven van Nocker
Horticulturehome icon
(517) 775-5218phone icon
vannocke@msu.eduenvelope icon
A390-C Plant and Soil Sciencesmap marker icon

Developmental genetics, epigenetics, chromatin structure; regulation of gene activity during development including flowering.

Josh Vermaas Josh Vermaas
Plant Research Laboratory; Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 884-6937phone icon
vermaasj@msu.eduenvelope icon
1130 MPSmap marker icon

Molecular simulations for plant proteins, lipids and cell wall biopolymers to unravel molecular-scale interactions governing plant processes.

Berkley Walker Berkley Walker
Plant Research Laboratory; Plant Biologyhome icon
(517) 355-3928phone icon
berkley@msu.eduenvelope icon
310 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Mechanisms and models of photosynthesis; fluxes of metabolites during primary metabolism.

Dechun Wang Dechun Wang
Plant, Soil and Microbial Scienceshome icon
(517) 353-0219phone icon
wangdech@msu.eduenvelope icon
348E Plant and Soil Sciencesmap marker icon

Soybean genetics and genomics to improve plant performance, host plant resistance and seed chemical composition.

Ryan Warner Ryan Warner
Horticulturehome icon
(517) 353-0344phone icon
warnerry@msu.eduenvelope icon
A234 Plant and Soil Sciencesmap marker icon

Genetics of plant development; genomics-assisted breeding; marker-assisted selection; floriculture crops.