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Executive Committee

Christoph Benning Christoph Benning
Plant Research Laboratory; Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 355-1609phone icon
benning@msu.eduenvelope icon
110 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Biosynthesis of lipids in photosynthetic membranes, lipid trafficking phenomena involving chloroplasts, engineering of crops and algae for biodiesel production.

Brad Day Brad Day
Plant Resilience Institute; Plant, Soil and Microbial Scienceshome icon
(517) 353-7991phone icon
bday@msu.eduenvelope icon
4200 MPSmap marker icon

Molecular biology of host-pathogen interactions.

Dean DellaPenna Dean DellaPenna
Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 432-9284phone icon
dellapen@msu.eduenvelope icon
2235 MPSmap marker icon

Biochemical genomics, quantitative genetics and genome wide association mapping of dietary micronutrients in plants. Genomics of medicinal plant metabolism. Synthesis and function of lipid soluble antioxidants in plants.

Rebecca Grumet Rebecca Grumet
Horticulturehome icon
(517) 353-0431phone icon
grumet@msu.eduenvelope icon
A342 Plant and Soil Sciencesmap marker icon

Floral and fruit development in Cucumis; disease resistance; cucurbit genomics; biotechnology biosafety.

Lanier, Emily Lanier, Emily
Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
lanierem@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Bjoern Hamberger

Student representative - Research interests: Using synthetic biology to harness production of plant metabolites as high value chemicals for industry and medicine.

George Sundin George Sundin
Plant, Soil and Microbial Scienceshome icon
(517) 355-4573phone icon
sundin@msu.eduenvelope icon
103 CIPSmap marker icon

Plant bacteriology; host pathogen interactions; fruit tree disease management; bacterial plasmid biology; microbial evolution.

Curtis Wilkerson Curtis Wilkerson
Plant Biologyhome icon
(517) 353-5557phone icon
wilker13@msu.eduenvelope icon
S124 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Plant cell wall biochemistry; biosynthesis and regulation of polysaccharides and lignin; genetic engineering of lignin for improved biomass.