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Executive Committee

Christoph Benning Christoph Benning
Plant Research Laboratory; Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 355-1609phone icon
benning@msu.eduenvelope icon
110 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Biosynthesis of lipids in photosynthetic membranes, lipid trafficking phenomena involving chloroplasts, engineering of crops and algae for biodiesel production.

Rebecca Grumet Rebecca Grumet
Horticulturehome icon
(517) 353-0431phone icon
grumet@msu.eduenvelope icon
A342 Plant and Soil Sciencesmap marker icon

Floral and fruit development in Cucumis; disease resistance; cucurbit genomics; biotechnology biosafety.

Lexi Heger Lexi Heger
Plant, Soil and Microbial Scienceshome icon
Lheger@msu.eduenvelope icon
Lab: Timothy Miles

Student representative - Research interests: Oomycete pathogens of grape and hop, with a focus on downy mildew.

Jianping Hu Jianping Hu
Plant Research Laboratory; Plant Biologyhome icon
(517) 432-4620 (office #)phone icon
huji@msu.eduenvelope icon
306 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

Molecular mechanisms of peroxisomal function and regulation in plants.

Yair Shachar-Hill Yair Shachar-Hill
Department of Plant Biology home icon
(517) 432-0719phone icon
yairhill@msu.eduenvelope icon
S350 Plant Biology Labsmap marker icon

The arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis, non-photosynthetic one-carbon metabolism, metabolic engineering, plant NMR spectroscopy.

George Sundin George Sundin
Plant, Soil and Microbial Scienceshome icon
(517) 355-4573phone icon
sundin@msu.eduenvelope icon
103 CIPSmap marker icon

Plant bacteriology; host pathogen interactions; fruit tree disease management; bacterial plasmid biology; microbial evolution.

Hideki Takahashi Hideki Takahashi
Biochemistry & Molecular Biologyhome icon
(517) 355-1897phone icon
htakaha@msu.eduenvelope icon
3280 MPSmap marker icon

Molecular mechanisms of nitrogen and sulfur utilization in plants; nutrient sensing, transport and metabolism.