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Rob Schuurink

Date & Location: April 17, 2023, at 4p

Location: PBL 247

Zoom: https://msu.zoom.us/j/95996313892
Meeting ID: 959 9631 3892
Passcode: 862930

Subject: Specialized metabolites and plant defense

Host: Ryan Warner

About the Speaker

Institution: University of Amsterdam

Abstract: Plants are masters in defending themselves with an extensive array of specialized metabolites. These are quite often produced in glandular cells of hairs that are present on leaves and stems, the glandular trichomes. We have predicted and implicated several trichome-produced metabolites in the protection of tomato against insects. Our interest is, particularly, in the regulation of their biosynthesis and in the development of trichomes. Several transcription factors involved in these processes have been identified that are regulated by the defense hormone jasmonic acid. In turn, insects have developed tools to modulate plant defense responses. The seminar will also report on this side of the battle, on effector proteins that insects secrete via their saliva.