Fascination of Plants Day

Fascination of Plants Day @ MSU

May 19, 2018

10am - 3pm

Explore the World of Plants

From one little seed, many green lives can arise - from herbs to big trees, from ornamental flowers to crops that sustain life on Earth. Come explore this world, enjoy family-friendly activities, and meet researchers at one of the world's best plant science institutions. See below for more information.



Kids extracting strawberry DNA

Hands-on activities for kids

  • Extract DNA from strawberries
  • Learn to identify mushrooms
  • Terpene smelling station: match smells to plants
  • See how plants defend against insects!
Flower and bee

Learn about plants

  • How plants grow and thrive
  • Plant benefits in medicine and industrial products
  • Biodiversity and bioenergy
  • Interesting adaptations to the environment
Scientist working in the lab

Meet MSU researchers

  • Discover the scientist's lab toolkit: microscopes, scanners, and GMOs
  • Sun-powered microbial factories towards a Green future
  • The importance of plant chemicals for plants and humans


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Molecular Plant Sciences Building


1066 Bogue St

East Lansing, MI 48824

*Location is close to the Wharton Center*