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Fascination of Plants Day

May 18, 11am - 6pm

Fascination of Plants Day

Explore the World of Plants

From one little seed, many green lives can arise - from herbs to big trees, from ornamental flowers to crops that sustain life on Earth. Explore the science and art of plants, enjoy family-friendly activities, and meet researchers at one of the world's best plant science institutions.




Parent and toddler extracting strawberry DNA

Hands-on activities for kids

  • Extract DNA from strawberries
  • Manipulate plant images in Virtual Reality
  • Create cyanotypes of beautiful microscopic structures
  • Terpene smelling station: match smells to plants
Father and son looking at plants

Learn about plants

  • How plants grow, survive, and thrive
  • Moss and fungus terrarium
  • Plant benefits in medicine and industrial products
  • Bioenergy crops station
Scientist explaining to an observer

Meet MSU researchers

  • Discover the scientist's lab toolkit: microscopes and measuring instruments
  • GMOs and plant DNA as tools for scientific exploration
  • Find out what types of discoveries MSU scientists are making

Our Partners

Primary location
MSU Broad Museum Art Lab
565 E Grand River Ave, Suite 1
East Lansing, MI 48824


East Lansing Art Festival location
Children's Art Activity Area on Albert Ave.
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